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Goieki - Goierriko Garapen Agentzia




Curso organizado desde Ikasiz


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Plan for harmonious living in a diverse community

The Plan recognizes that the arrival in the Goierri of people from distant places, with their diverse ways of life and of looking at the world, will stimulate everyone living in the region to change and adapt, and will thereby lead to the enrichment of our society.

To carry out this Plan, we formed several working parties, composed of divers agents (education, employment, leisure time, culture, Euskara, health etc.) along with immigrants from different parts of the world.

Goierri Kolore

'Goierri Kolore'

Goierri Kolore brings together people from different parts of the world and cultures who live in the region.

In our gallery you'll be able to see photographs and videos about the activities we conduct.

Goierri lends you a hand!

This is a resource guide aimed mainly at the immigrant population, but also at all people and organizations that want to find out what social resources exist in the region. It includes a mini-dictionary with the most commonly-used words in different languages.
It has been translated into the Goierri's six most widely-spoken languages. Download the guide here:

It can also be found at the Local Councils' Public Services Offices.


The inmigratory situation in Goierri has been assessed and it has helped to create the basis of the action Plan.

It's divided into two sections. Firstly, the Quantitative one, with data from the electoral roll (country of origin, age, sex, town or city where the person lives); and secondly, the Qualitative section: interviews with different agents from the region to find out the conditions in each area and the proposals coming from it.

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  • Gobierno Vasco: Departamento de Vivienda y Asuntos Sociales - Eusko Jaurlaritza: Etxebizitza eta Gizarte Gaietako Saila
  • Begi Berriak